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Discover our catering services


At La Creme Catering we are specialized in catering services such as coffee breaks, lunches, honorary wines and cocktails, etc.

We prepare all types of services that require food or drink, breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners, birthday parties, inaugurations, open bar of drinks (mojitos, gin and tonics, cocktails, etc.) for both companies and individuals,

We prepare events at conferences, talks, work meetings, inaugurations, company parties, private parties, presentations, stand fairs, filming, sporting events, or any type of event that needs from a small snack or coffee, to a full lunch or meal. .

Without forgetting what has been a revolution for a few years and we are one of the pioneers in this service, the themed meals, describing below some of the most popular without having to say that we adapt to any theme that we choose. suggest,

Fiestas American Burger, Italian pizza, Mexico Lindo, tapas made in Spain, Chinese tradition or Japanese shushi, …

Themed open bars with mojitos, gin and tonics, cocktails, wines, beers, etc.

These are some examples of our services, click to see the different types of menus

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