Catering Cocktail-Buffet mixed grill - Catering Alicante - La Creme
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Catering Cocktail-Buffet mixed grill

Menu with premium service (we take care of everything)

Minimum 30pax.



Meat empanadas
Burgos blood sausage canapés with goat cheese and caramelized onion
Creole sausages
Iberian chorizo
BBQ Iberian pork secret
Moorish chicken and pork skewers
Roasted potatoes, zucchini and roasted peppers.
Various sauces, chimichurri, homemade barbecue sauce and garlic mayonnaise.

Glass of various cut fruits with bourbon vanilla ice cream.


DRINKS: Open bar of drinks, includes:

Soft drinks (coca cola, coca cola zero, fanta orange and lemon)
Sangria Punch
White wine and red wine.
Red vermouth and white vermouth.



*Ice, diamond plastic cups, napkins, chopsticks, etc.
*Transport (Alicante city) assembly and exhibition of the product.
(hot) All our hot food is prepared on site at the event location, with fresh and freshly cooked products in front of you, by qualified staff, so we necessarily need a space where we can cook, whether in an outdoor space or a kitchen or similar space. (we include everything necessary to make the food, iron, utensils, etc.)


Possibility of mojito or gin tonic bar

Possibility of ham cutter, with 7-8k Iberian bait ham from €275.00

Possibility of crystal glasses……consult.

Depending on the type of event we can adapt the type of food, do not hesitate to contact us.

Check conditions, hours and/or special days to find out availability and final price of your event.

Minimum number of people: 30

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

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